Lemon and Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer 100ml x 2

Alcohol (70%) based natural instant hand sanitizer gel made from high quality renewable ingredients. This alcohol-based hand rub is a hand hygiene product of choice for all standard aseptic procedures. Instant hand sanitizer’s kills 99.9% of germs without water. Advi Care hand sanitizer’s formula is enhanced with natural extracts of Lime and Aloe Vera. Lime extract in Advi Care hand sanitizers enhances the protection of hands from germs by leaving them moisturized with Aloe Vera extracts. This convenient sized bottle is a great companion which can be used anytime, anywhere as a regular hygiene practice.


Advi Care is a Singapore based brand for gold standard sanitizers which are been formulated and manufactured in an ISO 9011:2015 & GMP certified production unit. This economy handy pack is for a greater ease and convenience of a family. Regular usage of Advi Care Alcohol-based hand rub ensures to take care for hand hygiene.  

Alcohol-based hand rubs has been the recommended product for hand hygiene in healthcare settings. Hand washing should be reserved for situations when hands are visibly soiled. Advi Care Alcohol-based hand sanitizers should be used (when hands are visibly clean) instead of handwashing because they:

  1. Substantially reduce bacterial count on hands
  2. Require less time than handwashing
  3. Are more accessible
  4. Are self-drying
  5. Are gentler on skin and cause less skin irritation and dryness than frequent soap and water washes, since all hand rubs contain skin emollient (moisturizers)

While using “Advi Care” hand sanitizer, just like when washing with soap and water, you need to make sure you cover your hands (including between your knuckles, wrists, palms, back of your hand and your fingernails) fully, rubbing it in for at least 20 seconds so it’s truly effective.

It is highly recommended to use Advi Care sanitizers after visiting hospitals, nursing home or any such area where we have multiple common touch points.